Mitchell D. Harper

FX Artist
TheMill x SCAD
Just kicking around a few thoughts (sometimes I think better by making a quick animatic)
Ideas: Round 1
Idea 2: Kids Room / Matchbox Car
This concept involved using our hero car as a toy. In the first shot you would only see the back of the car and cant quite tell that its a toy yet. The next shot is the establishing shot, showing most of the kids room with a car track laid out. The car takes off, runs the track, jumps off and breaks through a Lego wall.
Great minds think alike! The Matchbox idea was pitched by another group that went before us. The concept was identical so we had to change our pitch quickly! Idea 3: Futuristic Manufacturing plant Our 3rd idea involved a futuristic manufacturing plant. The scene opens with robots working on a car, sparks flying everywhere. The next shot the robots pull back and the car powers up. The final shot is outside facing the opening doors as the car pulls out.
Idea To Be Presented: Strike We decided on a "car from the future" theme. In this concept you see a car speeding through a tunnel (time machine) getting struck by lightning. The next shot shows a current city street with a portal opening and the car emerges.