Mitchell D. Harper

FX Artist
The Pixies
Class 3 Update
Camera Angles I was feeling like parts of the animatic were not working so I got some feedback. I am going to add a few different camera angles, one with a rack focus. The image below is a rough concept of the rack focus where the camera focuses on the back pixie then pulls to the front pixie.
Pixie FX Progress So since the particles were looking a bit like leaves and/or flowers, I decided to play with the color a bit.
The "plant theme" really works for me so I have taken it a bit further with crafting the particle system. Now the particles come out like branches with leaves and flowers.
Animatic Update I'm still trying to work out some issues with the animatic timing. Overall, I still think everything feels too fast.
Class 4 Update
Timing Update I have fought so hard trying to get this timing right to no avail, then Professor Joe steps in and saves the day! Instead of trying to sync the motion to frames I was able to sync it to a click track and everything fell into place!
Class 5 Update
Class 6 Update
Strange twists and happy accidents. This is not my original vision for the pixies, but, wow!
Class 7 Update
I have continued to refine the overall appearance of the Pixies. This is the current version. I am still not done yet but I feel I am making great progress!