Mitchell D. Harper

FX Artist
First Look at Our Villain There is a scene in Kill Bill that I wanted to recreate the overall feel for our villain. I have always been entranced by the coloring and the desolate feel of this shot.
That Damn Dragon!
Most of my time over the weekend went into developing the clockwork dragon. He still has the original head, feet and tail (which I may or may not change) Drag-On! Progress!
Here is a rough and dirty animatic. The animation is not quite done (he will move more smoothly when he is done).
Class 8 Update
Most of this week was spent on refining the dragon's animation, starting his pyro fx, and working on sound. More Drag-On! Progress!
Class 10 Update (yes, I skipped 9 to get ready for 10!) THAT DAMN DRAGON!